Applying Blockchain Technology

To Disrupt the Food and Ag Business

What is the Blockchain  and How will it Benefit  the Food and Ag Sectors
The Blockchain is what some experts are calling "The Business Internet of the Future", It’s a new technology that allows you to buy, sell or exchange all kinds of goods directly and transparently between people through a "Smart Contract".  The Blockchain is like a public ledger where transactions are recorded and confirmed while they are monitored by multiple people and most importantly, once the information is entered, it cannot be modified or deleted and remains registered forever. 

The Food Chain will use the Blockchain and Smart Contracts to provide fair trade between the farmers and buyers, secure payments, faster payments and higher prices for food products.     

The Food Chain allows food trade to be more efficient, transparent, reduces costs and allows farmers to receive more money for their hard work to feed us.
Our Commitment

The food industry is facing many problems in food production due to climate change, pests, lack of personnel and water shortages, among other serious issues that makes it increasingly difficult to produce quality foods, and high yields. In addition to production challenges, high trading costs and low prices paid to farmers, are some of the problems that make food production unprofitable for the farmer.      

With advance Blockchain technology, the Food Chain was developed to solve many of these challenges.     

Our commitment is focused on helping farmers in food production, distribution, and trading of their food products.

Benefits of the Food Chain
With the Food Chain we can apply the power of Blockchain to help farmers receive production advances, eliminate intermediaries that do not add value, negotiate directly with buyers, receive more money for their food products, faster payments, savings in trading costs and other benefits.

The Food Chain is designed for farmers to receive an advance for food production.

Receive more money for your product

The farmer can sell directly to the buyer and receive more money for their food products.

Faster and safer payments

The Food Chain allows farmers to receive their payments more quickly and securely.

Eliminate intermediaries

Intermediaries that do not add value to the distribution chain will be eliminated.

Reduce operating costs

With the Food Chain the trading and distribution chain is more efficient, and the operating costs are reduced.

Total transparency
Transactions are carried out with complete transparency. All actors in the distribution chain will see the complete transaction from the field to the supermarket. The Food Chain does not allow alterations in transactions.

Sensors and drones used in farming will help identify the needs of agricultural inputs, water and other conditions in the field and the data will be registered on the Food Chain.

Technical assistance

The Food Chain has a group of expert agronomists that provide technical assistance to farmers to maximize their food production.


The Food Chain allows to see the complete traceability of the product; from sowing, the production process, packing and all logistics details through arriving at the supermarket.

Business Opportunity for all !!!

 The Food Chain is inclusive for all entities that form part of the trading and distribution chain, including Cooperatives, Agronomists. Input Companies, Shipping Companies, Logistics Companies, Governments, Financial Institutions and all entities that contribute benefits to the distribution chain and wish to be part of the ecosystem. 

We invite all those involved in the food sector to join the Food Chain to transform the current, obsolete agricultural model that is costly and inefficient, to a new efficient and innovative distribution model for the benefit of farmers and all entities who are part of the ecosystem.